Your Treatment Starts with Testing for Meningeal Compression

Finding what we believe is a treatment for many debilitating illnesses, including fibromyalgia (FM), was a wonderful thing, but finding a “test” that can temporally relieve many of the symptoms of these illnesses changes everything. What this means for a person with FM is if during our test for what we call “meningeal compression” you don’t have some symptom relief, you probably won’t respond to our treatment. However, if you do test well, you should respond to treatment. For the members of the Pain Institute medical staff, this means that we don’t treat people who do not respond well to the test.

Furthermore, your progress is not determined by a doctor who gives you a treatment plan based just on his or her personal experiences, but instead we test our patients for symptom reduction several times a week. We then request weekly reports to be completed by our patients who are under treatment and we monitor exactly what each patient tells us. It is the information we receive from you, our patient, that allows us to decide if your care needs to change or when you will move from “Corrective Care” to “Stabilization Care.” Therefore, your whole treatment plan is controlled by your response to treatment.

What are we testing for?

We believe that meningeal compression (MC) is an encroachment on the covering of the spinal cord and brain. Some of the symptoms we believe this compression causes are the symptoms experienced by

people with fibromyalgia (FM), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), brachia neuralgia, trigeminal

neuralgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), restless leg syndrome, unexplained diffuse pain, depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety.

Because of the magnitude of pain and the number of people affected by FM, we find that a large number of our patients are living with this condition as well as many of the other illnesses mentioned as overlapping conditions. It’s no wonder that our patients are amazed to find that our protocol provides them with relief.