Here at South Ontario Chiropractic, we are committed to help our patients live better, pain-free lives. We truly believe that everyone deserves to live pain free and without dysfunction. Our passion is helping people heal after an accident or injury. We will do everything we can to ensure that our patients are comfortable. We are committed to help people heal after an accident or injury and diminish any unwanted discomfort.

Correcting dysfunction in the joints is accomplished with the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment mobilizes the joints which aids in the tissue’s recovery, and thus the overall decrease in pain and increase in function.

A large part of normalizing function is correcting skeletal imbalance. That is why I encourage all patients to have a laser foot scan as part of their evaluation. If the arches are “dropped” in the feet this can cause skeletal asymmetry which creates abnormal wear and tear in the joints of the ankle, knee, hip and into the low back and neck. This can be the hidden source of chronic pain.